Water treatment

We provide the most reliable treatment system serviceswhile it's still cost-effective for industrial, commcertical and minicipal. Our customers are supported by professionals knowledge with market-advancing technologies. By reducing operating cost, less energy in operations, and plant audit, Southernlab is one of the reliable company in water treatment in Phuket.

Water supply installation

Installation and maintenance water supply for building services, resort and hotel, and industrial. We have a significant experience of designing water system, water pumps for all applications.

Waste water management

Design and engineering waste water management system. Southernlab Engineering understand that waste water treatment is a primary issue to your plant operations, even you are discharging directly or from your water water plant. We optimizing the performance of treatment chemical and physical to minimiza of overall cost and maxmimze your income.

Analysis quality of water

We are certificated from trust organization to test and analysis water in industrial standard. The result from our test lab is precise and reliable which approved by Thai Government. In additional, we provide a full range of analyses on purified water, treatd sewage or industrial effluents.